Guided vs. Unguided

It is important to point out that Birch and Tiffany are not Registered Big Game Guides, so therefore we work closely with a guide during the guided hunt process. This begins through introduction, help applying for your tags, and ultimately, he will join us here at Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge for the duration of your hunt, of course guiding you in the field each day, and integrating into the events happening at the lodge each morning and evening.

Guided Hunts

If you choose to participate in a guided hunt for big game, we will introduce you to the guide we work with. Any non-US citizen is required to hire a guide when big game hunting in Alaska, as is any non-Alaskan resident when hunting Kodiak Brown Bear.

The guides we work with have extensive knowledge of our area and are fully licensed to operate in the South West Afognak and Raspberry Island hunt areas. Knowledge of the trails, terrain, animal behavior based on time of year and day to day weather patterns are hugely beneficial when hunting these animals and this country. Plan on careful dressing of your game and focused handling of your meat and trophy. You may be asked to help pack your animal out.

Unguided Hunts/Transporting

Unguided hunts are just that; unguided. Many of our experienced hunters do not need the help of a guide or the additional expense. We still provide full lodge support and daily drop off and pick up service so you can hunt all day with a friend or friends. If you are skilled in the woods and are accustomed to a spot and stalk type hunt, it is likely your hunt will be a success. Please note that it is illegal for us to offer you advice in the field while we’re transporting you to your hunting destination; we will not ‘cruise the beaches’ looking for game, point out game, or do anything other than transport you to the destination and pick you up upon conclusion of your day.

It is important to point out that we may have both guided and unguided hunters at the lodge at the same time. Because the area we hunt is so large, it is easy to host multiple parties without conflict.

I had a fabulous time. Thanks Birch, Tiffany, Fisher and Sage! Special thanks to Dan for all the hard work it took to get my deer. See you guys next year! ~ Ed C. Alaska