Roosevelt Elk

Our location on Raspberry Island is ideal for targeting both the Raspberry Island and South West Afognak Island Roosevelt Elk Hunts. These animals are larger than their Wyoming cousins, with some big bulls estimated to weigh over 1,200lbs. Antlers are heavier but shorter, lacking the long, graceful tines of their cousins, but making up for it in mass. Table fare is, by opinion, superb, a very light flavored, lean meat. It is an exciting, challenging, and rewarding hunt. The country itself is magnificent, and these animals are very good at surviving. Though occasionally found near the beach, they use the steep terrain to their advantage. It is recommended that those considering this hunt should be in good physical condition.

Interested hunters must apply with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for a drawing tag in November of the prior year, with results usually posted in the spring. Tag hunting periods begin in late September through late November. Please feel free to begin communications with us at any time, though we will not ask for a financial commitment until you have drawn your tag. Please contact us for recommended hunt numbers and dates.

If you don’t draw a tag, it has been common in past years for the Fish and Game to offer a closely monitored either-sex registration hunt after the drawing hunts, which does not require that you win a lottery tag. There is a chance, however, that the harvest goals will be met and the Fish and Game will close the season early or not offer it at all. Reservations for this hunt may be made at the last minute and you will have to pick your tag up at a Fish and Game office in Alaska.

Elk hunts can be combined with deer and/or duck hunting.

Thanks for the best week of my life so far. My first buck, my first doe. I’ll never forget my experience here. It is my new dream to come back…I will highly recommend KRIRL… ~ Sam O. Alaska