Sitka Blacktailed Deer

Sitka Black-tailed deer flourish in the Kodiak Islands. Here on Raspberry Island they occasionally visit our yard. Introduced to the area in the 1920s, they are a wonderful animal to pursue. Antlers fork like Mule Deer vs Whitetail, and the big ones can weigh in at over 200lbs. The joy of deer hunting is in the beautiful country, the fresh air, and just knowing that big buck is looking at you or just around the next bend. Antlers make a nice mount and the table fare is delicious.

Though the season starts in August, we begin hosting deer hunters in late September through the end of December. The changing season in that time can help determine the best time to come: earlier in the season the animals will be higher and still covered in fat. If you enjoy climbing and the spot and stalk, we recommend late September-mid November. Rut starts in mid November, and snow may begin to push the animals down the mountains. Heavy snow will put the deer right on the beach. This time of year can support low level hunting, walking through spruce forests quietly, watching up the hillsides. By late November into December, snow is almost a given, and the peak of the rut will be over. The animals, especially bucks, will be leaner after the rut, and by mid to late December, begin to drop their antlers. It is most likely hunting along the beaches will result in a successful harvest. Please note that the above references are general; sometimes we don’t have any snow in December, for example, and the deer will move back up.

Deer tags can typically be picked up anyplace you can purchase your hunting license, and the current limit is 3. Nonresidents are asked to pay for theirs individually, while Alaskan residents get theirs free, like any registration tag.

Deer hunts can be combined with elk and/or duck hunting.

This has been the best week of my life! You guys are the most impressive family that someday I will have of my own! Love to you all. ~ Tracy S. Anchorage, AK