Terrain & Weather

Hunting Raspberry and South West Afognak is not a walk in the park. These animals are used to being hunted and are very good at disappearing into their environment. It is not uncommon to see seventy elk appear in the valley below you, seemingly from nowhere, or start to count the deer if you pause to glass long enough and seek them out. The mountains rise over 2,000 feet, and every hunt begins at sea level. Alder and salmon berry thickets can conceal game and make the distance between point A and point B nearly infinite. When packing an animal out, the fun really begins. They say use your binoculars to see how big the animal is, then turn them around and look through the other end to see how far it is to your pick up point! Weather can turn sour, and the Kodiak Brown Bear lives in the very country you will be hunting.  Your success may be directly related to your physical ability to hike this country and climb through brush up to 2,000 feet if that is where the animals are.

If you are still interested in hunting with us after reading the above, your hunt will most likely be an enjoyable success. Men and women come to Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge year after year to hunt this area because of the challenges listed above. The work to get to the top makes the view so much sweeter, and that big buck or bull you can see in your binoculars is big for a reason. It is a wonderful area to hunt and I enjoy it thoroughly.

Weather, terrain, and bears can make hunting anywhere in Alaska potentially uncomfortable and even dangerous. Our flexibility, experience, lodge, and support equipment take much of the uncertainty out of your trip.

Amazing Hunt! The lodge is fantastic, beautiful weather (slight wind of 55 mph) made this a trip of a lifetime. Birch and Tiffany made us feel completely at home. Food is worth the trip alone. Thanks Again! ~ Ryan, Steve, and Hunter M. Alaska